A group of Chinese-New Zealand millennials with big dreams have created a platform that aims to dramatically simplify the China and New Zealand visa application process.

Initially arriving in New Zealand in the early 2000’s to pursue their studies, followed by IT careers in companies that include Alibaba, IBM and Morgan Stanley, the LeYo Visa(external link) team have found a way to use their careers to break geographical boundaries and connect New Zealand even further with China. Their aim is to make visa applications take less than five minutes while more visitors travel between the two countries that the LeYo visa team call home.

Formerly a lengthy process completed manually, LeYo Visa came up with the idea of using AI to help users fill out via forms, invitation letters needed for visiting China and supplementary photos automatically. Users only need to take photos of the passport page information, upload it online and the system can automatically identify and fill in the users information.

LeYo visa founders Yan Yang, Richard Chew and Bart Wang have stated that the company plans to use the 2019 China-New Zealand Year of Tourism logo in their marketing to New Zealand citizens wishing to visit China. Furthermore, they plan to use the Year as an opportunity to further align their platform with Immigration New Zealand’s API so that increasing numbers of Chinese visitors can use the platform to fill out New Zealand visa applications.

LeYo visa photo

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