As part of the 2019 China-New Zealand Year of Tourism, we’re committed to sharing stories about how New Zealand attracts and welcomes Chinese visitors. This week we profile Wanaka’s Puzzling World(external link) which has used AliPay to create awareness of what they have to offer to self-driving Chinese visitors.

Puzzling World’s Duncan Spear is adamant Christchurch Airport is helping his business achieve its goal of capturing more of the Chinese tourism market.

Wanaka’s Puzzling World, who have spent ‘over forty-five years messing with people’s heads’ was one of the first New Zealand businesses to sign up to Alipay(external link), a Chinese digital payment platform, through a Christchurch Airport-lead programme.

Alipay users receive a notification whenever they approach an Alipay registered business, like Puzzling World. So when users touched down in New Zealand for their holiday, they would know exactly where Alipay was accepted.

Between April and June 2018 Puzzling World processed 211 Alipay transactions, totaling $7,500, a great result, considering it was their quietest time of year.

“Alipay has allowed us to remove barriers around issues using credit cards or cash for payment, by utilising a form of currency that is easily understood by the Chinese consumer,” said Puzzling World’s owner, Duncan Spear.

“This allows us to concentrate on the delivery of our product and also provides another tool in our service offering that is appreciated.”

Mr Spear said Alipay was also helping him and his team to achieve their goals of capturing more of the Chinese market and ensuring any business adaptations were made with the customer experience at its heart.

“Knowledge of our Alipay service before they reach our front counter can only be beneficial as it offers the consumer choice,” said Mr Spear.

“The speedy payment notification via iPaynow was great and meant there were no delays for the us or the Alipay user.

“Alipay has opened our eyes into the world of mobile payment platforms.”

Puzzling world

Duncan Spear with Kate Deng from Kate Travel.

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