Yili Group,

The China-New Zealand year of Tourism 2019 comes into the international spotlight, providing a new opportunity to deepen the cooperation and fostering further people-to-people exchanges between China and New Zealand. China-New Zealand Year of Tourism 2019 has joined Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED) and Chinese dairy company, Yili, to customize a most worthwhile family trip to New Zealand.

New Zealand, renowned as “the island of purity in the South Hemisphere”, therefore is a best destination for your kids to embrace nature and explore the world. The family trip promoted this year will allow more children to enjoy the beauty and purity of New Zealand in a one-stop manner. You can see the smallest penguins on earth in Oamaru, drift through the shimmering fantasies in the Waitomo Caves, interact with the little calves at Agrodome farms and admire oceanic creatures at the Kelly Talton’s Sea Life Aquarium. By the emerald waters and azure sky in New Zealand, your children’s purity of nature is free amongst the undisturbed lakes and mountains.


With its pleasant climates and pure and clean environment, New Zealand is also a paradise for pastures to grow. To guarantee its top-level production quality, China’s Yili Group, has chosen to establish China’s largest integrated dairy industry base ever in New Zealand!

A cerulean patch of sky, white clouds wandering, vast Pro-Kido pastures growing at the latitude 45 degree south, Holstein cows roaming leisurely, feasting on pure natural grass and water...
In the reality show Viva La Romance II with Yili’s exclusive sponsorship, Weibo celebrity Xie Na and film star Zhang Jia-ni also paid a special visit to Yili’s paradise pasture. They admired how the Pro-Kido formula milk was produced and experienced the purity of this paradise on earth together with the visiting children. This is another case that perfectly exhibits Yili Pro-Kido’s brand conception: encourage kids’ to reach their potentials.


The family trip of the China-New Zealand Year of Tourism 2019 is designed to be a joyful tour where children’s natural purity and potentials will be encouraged and families will admire together the beauty of nature along the journey. They will explore the secrets in nature and enjoy the tranquility borne forth by it. All families will feel the humanity and be embraced by the warmth of being family members. The China-New Zealand Year of Tourism 2019 now sincerely awaits the kids from China to visit the purity and beauty of New Zealand. This trip will become one of your most unforgettable and cherished memories!

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