This privacy statement applies to personal information collected by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (we, our, us, MBIE) relating to the 2019 China-New Zealand Year of Tourism initiative (CNZYOT) through the website at (the CNZYOT website). The statement applies to personal information collected on the application forms that are accessible on the CNZYOT website. It also includes how personal information is treated if you call the MBIE contact centre.

Your personal information

You can use the CNZYOT website without disclosing any personal information.

Voluntary disclosure of personal information

You may choose to voluntarily provide personal information through the CNZYOT website, for example on one of the following CNZYOT application forms:

  • Application to use the CNZYOT logo; and
  • Application to submit an event to the calendar on the CNZYOT website.

This information will be viewable by: MBIE staff as required for the processing, assessment, and maintenance of CNZYOT applications; MBIE site administrators; and third-party contractors who administrate or work on the CNZYOT website or MBIE systems.

You may choose to disclose your contact details, in order to receive marketing and promotional messages from MBIE relating to CNZYOT. You can unsubscribe from these updates at any time.

Collection of personal information

MBIE will require you to provide certain information on the CNZYOT application form(s), if you wish to: use the CNZYOT logo or advertise on the CNZYOT website. If you do not provide all of the information that is required on an application form, MBIE may be unable to process or otherwise progress your applications.

For example, in order to apply to use the CNZYOT logo, the following information is required by MBIE: full name, email address, reason for and intended use of the CNZYOT logo. 

MBIE may ask or require you (including where required by any applicable legislation administered by MBIE) to provide personal information. MBIE may also collect information that you voluntarily disclose, for example through the CNZYOT website.

Holding of information

When you provide personal information, it will be held by MBIE.

It may be stored or accessed on behalf of MBIE by authorised third parties (such as third-party contractors) to the extent that is necessary, for example for them to administrate or work on the CNZYOT website. MBIE will store and keep personal information secure in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993 and agents will be subject to MBIE’s information security and privacy requirements.

Disclosure of information

MBIE will generally not share personal information that is provided or collected through the CNZYOT website, unless it is necessary to do so for the purpose for which you gave us the information or where you consent. MBIE will not otherwise disclose personal information provided or collected through the CNZYOT website unless required or otherwise permitted by law.

Use of personal information

MBIE will generally only use personal information provided to us through the CNZYOT website for the purpose you provided it. These purposes include assessing an application you have submitted. We may also use the information you provide to deliver our services, including to administer, evaluate and improve the CNZYOT website; and to action or respond to the information you have provided.

We may contact you with:

  • General information about CNZYOT;
  • Information about specific events in your region.

We may use personal information you provide provided to us through the CNZYOT website for other reasons permitted under the Privacy Act 1993 (e.g. with your consent, for a directly related purpose, or where the law permits or requires it).

We may also use the information you provide to us for statistical or research purposes. You will not be personally identifiable when we use your information for these purposes. 

Records and retention of personal information

MBIE will only retain personal information as long as it is required for the purposes for which the information may lawfully be used.

Public records

Where any information provided (which may include personal information) to or through the CNZYOT website constitute public records, it will be retained to the extent required by the Public Records Act 2005. MBIE may also be required to disclose information under the Official Information Act 1982 or to a Parliamentary Select Committee or Parliament in response to a Parliamentary Question.


MBIE websites have security measures in place to prevent the loss, misuse and alteration of information under our control. In order to maintain the cyber security of MBIE systems and information, MBIE systems are subject to ongoing monitoring (including activity logging), analysis and auditing. 

We may use information about your use of our websites and other IT systems to prevent unauthorised access or attacks on these systems or to resolve such events. We may use this information even if you are not involved in such activity. MBIE may utilise services from one or more third party suppliers to monitor or maintain the cyber security of its systems and information. These third party suppliers will have access to monitoring and logging information as well as information processed on MBIE websites and other IT systems.

Call recording

As part of our commitment to providing the best possible service to our customers we record all telephone calls answered in the MBIE contact centre. This helps us to identify ways that we can provide you with a better service.

We record calls:

  • for staff training purposes, helping us to improve the quality of our customer service and to ensure the information we provide is consistent and accurate;
  • so we can find ways to simplify our service to you; and
  • to ensure we have an accurate record of your call, which may be needed to document any actions that take place over the phone and/or if there is a dispute.

We understand your personal information is important to you, and we are committed to protecting your privacy. We store the recordings securely for two years and destroy them after this period.

Unless we have lawful reason for withholding this information, it will be made available if you request access to a transcript of your call by phoning 0508 266 726 and asking for the Privacy Officer.

Rights of access and correction

You have the right to:

  • find out from us whether we hold personal information about you;
  • access that information;
  • if applicable, request corrections to that information.

If MBIE has a good reason for refusing a request for correction, you are entitled to request that a statement be attached to the information of the correction that was sought but not made. If you want to access your personal information:

Privacy Officer
Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment
PO Box 5488
Wellington 6011

For more information on the privacy laws in New Zealand and contact details for the Office of the Privacy Commissioner, please visit the website of the Office of the Privacy Commissioner at

Statistical information

We may collect statistical information about your visit and use this information to help us improve the CNZYOT website. This information is aggregated and non-personally identifying. The statistical information referred to below will be viewable by site administrators and other MBIE staff for the purpose of improving the CNZYOT website. It may also be shared with other government agencies.

Statistical information includes:

  • the search terms you used;
  • the pages you accessed on the CNZYOT Website and the links you clicked on;
  • the date and time you visited the CNZYOT Website;
  • the referring site (if any) through which you clicked through to the CNZYOT Website;
  • the device you used to access the CNZYOT Website;
  • your operating system (e.g. Windows XP, Mac OSX);
  • the type of web browser you use (e.g. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox); and
  • incidental matters such as screen resolution, the release of the version of Flash software installed on your computer (if any) and the language setting of your browser.


Browser or ‘web’ cookies are small text files that are sent by a website and stored on your computer's hard drive. Cookies are generally used to improve your experience of a website (for example by remembering preferences you have set) and to track site usage.

We uses cookies to gather data about trends in use of the CNZYOT website using a tool called Google Analytics. We also use cookies to gather data about your browsing history on the CNZYOT website. We may use this data to enhance your browsing experience, improve the CNZYOT website, identify whether you have seen our marketing material before you visited our CNZYOT website, and target advertising to you.

You can read Google’s privacy statement, and access a Google Analytics opt-out tool, at the Google Privacy Center.

You can manually disable cookies at any time - check your browser's 'Help' to find out how. Disabling cookies will not affect your ability to browse the CNZYOT website.


Contact us if you have an enquiry or concern about this privacy statement.

This privacy statement was last updated on: 30 July 2018.



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