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    Asbestos removal is a very dangerous task, and should only be performed by expert contractors.
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    Exposure to asbestos fibres, especially over a prolonged period can cause
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    According to the local building industry and public housing representative, asbestos is now being found in many buildings in developed areas and a resort island area in New South Wales during a recent inspection.

    Demolition work on one large building has been halted so the council can conduct a full review of the
    precinct for other deadly asbestos particles.
    This can be a costly and time consuming activity,
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    Residents should be aware as is it consistently confirmed that asbestos is continuously been found
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    community, which date back to the 1970s, could also be
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    For example in a big community, the budget to bankroll the purchase and demolition of a typical resort and it's
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    When getting involved in the operations of one of these cases in an isolated resort town, the asbestos find could
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    as standard building materials are a hazard and expense in their
    own right. Asbestos removal requires many more safe guards, licences
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    The material was commonly used in buildings from 1940 to the '80s,
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    Music is changing. In fact, the music industry is changing; it is changing even faster than it realises.
    Major record labels are often up to speed on latest developments, but it is
    indie music that leads the way in the music world - and everyone else seems to
    follow. Indeed, with the online music revolution taking place right now, being signed to a major record label is less and less important.
    However, having your own record label can be more and more

    Starting out

    First of all, you really have to think about the image you want to convey.
    Every record label has an image, mostly created by the selection of bands on the label.
    So start off by grouping together with some bands you
    know that are similar to yours. Make sure that these bands are serious, and
    that they believe in the record label. You will be doing
    a lot of band promotion together, and sharing a lot of resources, so you need to trust these musicians, and
    you need to maintain your brand identity.
    Because yes; a record label is a 'brand'. Think of certain record labels you know, and you immediately associate
    them with a certain ethos - a certain type of music.
    For example, 4AD built its reputation by signing bands like
    The Throwing Muses, Dead Can Dance, This Mortal Coil, The Cocteau Twins, and of course, The Pixies.
    It has always been known as an off-the-wall combination of ethereal and edgy rock bands.

    First steps - sharing resources

    Sharing your resources as a young record
    label is very important. It is essential that every band on the label helps in the creation by joining
    in fully. Finding a rehearsal studio is a good first step - find a location that
    you can all share, and use your own equipment. You will cut down on costs, and you will find that you have more time available for rehearsing.
    Secondly, if you have some money behind you, try to assemble your own studio.
    You can maybe contact other studios to see if they have old equipment
    that they want to sell second-hand, or you can scour the internet for offers.
    If you have the equipment to record, then you won't have to pay for studio time,
    and you can take as long as you want to record your music.

    This initial investment may hurt you, but a record label is a long-term investment,
    and if you are serious about producing good quality music, you
    are taking the right steps.

    First steps - Responsibilities

    Everyone involved in the record label should know their responsibilities.

    First of all, you should be looking at getting a distribution deal.
    This means that someone has to contact the distributors and cut a deal
    with them, and maintain friendly relations. Distributors will often ask record labels for approximately 40% of the cover price of a CD,
    which may seem like a lot, but it will get your CDs into the record shops.

    Naturally, not everyone buys CDs nowadays. Music is changing, don't forget, and
    the online revolution means that people are downloading music online more
    and more. Inclusion on i-Tunes, therefore, is absolutely essential, as is your
    own page on myspace.com. You should have your own page for the
    record label, as well as pages for each band - make sure that as many
    people as possible can hear your music and can see that your label exists.

    Someone should be regularly contacting radio stations,
    both internet radio stations and traditional radio stations.
    Once you have targeted the radio stations you want to
    work with, you can cut a deal with them, maintain good relations with them, and carry out your band promotion.

    Next steps - Creating The Product

    So, once you have set up your organisation, you have to
    create a product to promote. Make sure that you only release one CD at a time, so that you can focus your promotion - try
    to have all the groups working to a schedule that is set well in advance.
    That way, you can organise the band promotion so that everyone benefits from it.

    You need to consider copyright as well. Each band has to copyright its own music before putting
    it out on the net, or distributing it in record shops, and you
    have to copyright your own brand as well. This is part of
    the regular paperwork involved in running your own record label, so make sure that
    you know your country's administration backwards!

    When promoting gigs, make sure that your flyers all carry the same identity,
    i.e. your record label logo, and the same layout.
    This gives people the idea that something important
    is happening, and creating a buzz around your groups is very important.
    When people see a record label at the bottom of a flyer, they are immediately impressed, so in effect,
    you are creating your own buzz!

    Keeping it going

    So you have your rehearsal studio, you are producing your own music
    yourself, and your bands are playing concerts, and doing well.
    So keep it up - keep coming up with new promotional ideas, and keep the buzz
    alive. Create a small festival, make sure that your label is
    recognised by the owners of the local venues and make sure that you have
    a good reputation. You have a lot of organising to
    do if you are going to run your own record label, but it's worth the time and the effort.

    It is also important that you look for independent musicians who might want to join your
    record label. You will probably receive a lot of demos from various
    bands, but the best way to add indie bands to your label is to go out and find them yourself.
    Don't forget, a record label is really just a name
    - but it is the driving force behind your band, and if
    you want to make it work, people have to know you, so that means going
    to music events, festivals, concerts, etc., and making band promotion your

    Having your own record label, then, means that you improve
    your own band's reputation by association. It also means that you
    create your own local music community with other independent musicians,
    and that you benefit from each other's knowledge, know-how,
    and resources. Indie music has always been at the forefront of
    musical change - with bands often one step ahead of the crowd.
    Owning your own record label puts you two steps ahead of the crowd.

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