There are plenty of ways to get involved with the China-New Zealand Year of Tourism:

Have an idea you’d like to discuss? Contact us at

Host an event

Nelson Arts FestivalIf you are planning an event that aligns with the 2019 China-New Zealand Year of Tourism, we’d like to hear from you - get in touch to discuss your idea or submit your event to be published on our event calendar.

Your event should fit with one or more of the following aims for the Year of Tourism:

  • Align with government and tourism sector objectives for the China visitor market, including to –
    • attract high-value Chinese visitors
    • encourage travel during the shoulder and off-seasons
    • promote travel to less-visited regions and communities, as well as New Zealand’s most iconic destinations
  • Advance people-to-people connections and cross-cultural understanding between New Zealand and China
  • Grow trade and investment opportunities between New Zealand and China.

Submit an event(external link)

Use the logo

If you are planning a campaign, initiative or event that aligns with the 2019 China-New Zealand Year of Tourism, you can apply to use the logo on your promotional material.

Your event/initiative should fit with one or more of the aims for the Year of Tourism (set out above under 'host an event').

Apply to use the logo(external link)


Find resources

Download and print posters, brochures and fact sheets.

Visit page

Learn more about the Chinese visitor market

TravellersVisit our resources page to find links to useful information that will help you improve your business offering.

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    hair extensions Assuming you in the US, the IRS is very specific about what work can be done by an independent contractor, and when you have to hire someone as an employee. Basically if you tell someone when to do the work (like, you decide everyone needs to show up to do an 8pm show), you have to W4 them and cannot W9 them. Look up the IRS rules, you find the vast majority theatrical trades do not fall into the IRS definitions and those employees should be filling out W4 honestly, I wouldn worry about setting the precedent hair extensions..
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