Derek Melnick, Experiences Co. 

Next week is New Zealand's annual event of Chinese Language Week (22-28 September).

As New Zealand's 1st Tandem Skydive(external link) operation and pioneers of the industry I feel we carry a greater responsibility to lift the bar and help the wider industry to see practical application of how to embrace initiatives like Language Week.  

Over recent months I have been working on a number of projects in collaboration with both MBIE and Otago University/CAPE on inititiatives to share learnings with the wider industry on the approach our company has taken in China, a market that has formed our most substantial customer market and one I anticipate will continue to develop. 

As an extension of the China oriented projects I have been working on, I am pleased to share with you our latest project of taking the New Zealand Chinese Language Week and bringing this to life in our business in a deeper, more authentic and enduring manner. 

This year, as opposed to just running with the generic #5Days5Phrases arm of the campaign we thought we'd do things a little differently and introduce 5 Phrases that are specifically relevant across our operation, with a focus on :

  • Customer Service (Welcome Message & Celebration of Success 'Feichang Hao')
  • Safety(Lift your Legs on Landing & Banana Freefall Position)
  • To Highlight our Points of Difference(The Beautiful Location in which we operate)

Furthermore, we have produced 5 Business Card sized reference cards with each days message on them in Mandarin, Pinyin & English with a visual animation of each so all our staff right across the business have a handy and easy reference to revisit along their adopting this project. 


Our goal is to have these 5 phrases adopted in such a way that they live not only througout Chinese Language Week, but become part of our everyday dialogue with our Chinese Customers. 

I am incredibly pleased to let you know that our team involved in the production of the video have already taken to the exercise with far greater ethusiasm and inclusiveness than I could have ever imagined which I can only conclude in believing that this means the exercise will become an incredibly effective and authenic part of our experience.

I'd welcome tourism organisations to share our story, approach, video and image of the supporting reference cards across your platforms with the hope we can inspire other businesses to support Chinese Language Week and adopt elements from the exercise with longevity into their operations so we all collectively, as New Zealanders, make our Chinese Visitors feel more welcome in our destination than any other, because it is that feeling of being welcomed we deliver better than anywhere else on the globe.


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